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in 1986, Karaköy Thursday market, hand tools (Tools) our company started its activity with the work, then the porçe shelf shelf with the title trading continued to function. Thursday, until 1991, have continued their activities in the market and, in 1991, Topkapi (flea market) District, “Murat Shelf” continued with the name. until 2000, wholesale trading business continued its activities, we then started to produce wood of FIR, and trading has carried a different commercial with size.During the period, production of metal-related products are also adding continues with confident steps into the future. Our company communications, hardware, stationery, jewelry, textiles and food, mainly supplying products to many industries. In addition to domestic procurement, in line with demands of the Middle East and we do export to European countries, as well as online service has a different dimension to the sales. Along with the emerging virtual technologies portfolio illustrates an increase in customers on the internet.